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Working With The Chira Twins

Working With Buyers


The Chira Twins love working with buyers to find their homes! Their broad market knowledge is a great advantage to buyers as they navigate their search. The Chira Twin's keen ability to understand the buyer's needs and priorities helps them to hone in on the right properties for their clients. The Chira Twins are recognized for their integrity & honesty in the industry. Their strong relationships with other agents make them formidable assets when negotiating with other agents


Buyers Guide

Working With Sellers


The Chira Twins are passionate about creating a unique & compelling marketing plan for each property, ensuring each home is strategically positioned for a successful sale. The Chira Twins take a comprehensive approach to the sales process and work diligently to guide sellers through each and every step. The Chira Twins are engaging salespeople and true professionals who take great pride in their work, which translates into great results for their clients. 


Sellers Guide

Working With Developers


The Chira Twins have consulted on a number of new development projects in NY. They offer guidance on navigating all stages of development, from acquisition, through the pre-development planning, marketing, branding and sales or lease-up process. They bring their proven know-how in new development marketing to every project. The Chira Twins have gained a reputation for being an essential resource to their clients, whether its townhomes, condo's or rentals, they will guide you every step of the way.



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